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Got a few things going on right now, I'm back in the US, staying with Sam Willoughby right now for a while, getting our train on. We have already had our 2010 yeti team camp, get some new gear, get together with the rest of the team, including some new riders onboard with the national program, and all just hang out and do some riding, it was good times. We've also already done our first race of the 2010 season, The Fontana City national.

2010 Yeti Bio Video

Heres a link to my 2010 bio Video over at Vitalmtb.

Shot by Yeti's own Video Bandit, John Reynolds!

That time of year again.

It's getting closer to the start of the season and things are almost all sorted out. All sponsors sorted, team arrangements and plans pretty much sorted. Ill be back at all the MTB world cups of course, but 4X only this year, as much as I love DH, with the scheduling changes at the races, as well as the competition getting faster every year, you really have to pick an event to concentrate on, otherwise you are selling yourself short at both, I had a great year for 4X last year, but it could be better!

US trip Summary, heading home....pumped!

So my 3 and a half week trip to The US and A is up, so I'll do a quick rundown of how it all went. After hanging out with Clay Porter is So Cal for a few days we (Sam Willoughby and myself) flew to the first of the races for the new US natioanl ABA season, I had been training pretty good, but hadn't raced any BMX at all in about 15 months since the olympics, so I really didn't know what to expect.

Hanging out in So Cal

Hanging out in so cal, Ventura to be exact, at the very VERY Buff looking Clay Porters house. He's currently doing pushups behind me with his Ipod cranking. For anyone who knows Clay, it is a special sight! So Im here with my favourite Squid Sam Willoughby, and were Getting ready for the first 2 ABA BMX nationals, Reno this Weekend, and Guthrie, 2 weeks after that.

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